Property Maintenance on Savary Island

We provide complete property maintenance on Savary Island. We take care of your cabin and surroundings year-round.

General Maintenance

Refrigerator repair savary-island

Fridge maintenance

  • General fridge service (recommended in spring)
Hot water tank repair

Hot water tanks

  • General hot water tank(less) service (recommended in spring)
Stove repair Savary

Cook stoves

  • General stove service (recommended in spring)
wood stove maintenance

Woodstoves & Chimneys

  • Install new gaskets
  • Brush chimney pipes
  • Vacuum interior ash as required
  • Maintenance report
Roof and gutter cleaning

Roofs & Gutters

We can clean your roof and gutters. Recommend service in spring and autumn.

plumbing repairs


We do all small plumbing repairs in and around your cabin

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Water systems

Yard Maintenance

deck maintenance


Keep your decks clean.

yard maintenance


We love to take care of your garden and lawns. We do pruning, general yard labour and lawn mowing.


Do you have a tree that needs to be cleaned up? Let us know!

Solar Maintenance

solar panels maintenance

Solar Panels

For your solar panels to work optimally, they need to be clean! Need a hand? Contact us.

Off Grid Battery Bank

Solar optimization

We provide a monthly plan for our customers to keep their solar system optimized. Read more here.

Mechanical Maintenance

generator maintenance


  • Repairs
  • Run as required
  • Change oil (every 100hrs)
  • Check filter, fuel tank & spark plug
car repair


  • ODB2 codes
  • Engine, brake & tire repairs

Services by Season


  • Appliances
  • Water Systems
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Yard


  • Emergency Services


  • Chimney
  • Roofs & Gutters
  • Closing


  • Interior Jobs
  • Our own to-do lists


Do you have any questions or would you like us to come by to help your with your maintenance? Please fill out the form below.

1265 Vancouver Blvd
Savary Island

PO box 60
Lund, BC
V0N 2G0

9AM-5PM: 604 483 6627
5PM-7PM: 604 483 4447

For more information on the island, please visit