Savary Solution’s Policies

Savary Solutions Inc. is a year-round property management business backed by 45 years of island experience and urban residential construction. We are known for the trust and collaborative relationships we develop by providing seasonal emails, and  timely communications to help keep our clients attuned to relevant maintenance issues. We do not have professional accreditation for any of our services.

The policies we’ve outlined below are intended to provide & promote clarity, consistency, accountability, and efficiency.

Job Requests & Communications

While we love the speed and ease of quick communication that texts provide, we also find that they are like passing notes in class: we’ll often respond quickly, but they’re not great for passing on and confirming critical information. Please email job requests with a relevant subject line & job details … honestly, we appreciate the details.

Service Response

The wide range of services we offer requires us to take a variety of factors into account: time sensitivity, importance, monetary or energetic cost, necessity to a subsequent task, etc. Please be patient, your job is important to us, but it may not be completed right away, as we’re often triaging many jobs in addition to emergency calls. We do our best to be punctual and complete your jobs prior to your arrival, and if we can’t, to inform you otherwise.

Fee for service

  • Rates are billed at a 1-hour minimum.
  • Weekends & Holidays are billed at double-time.
  • We charge 20% to shop or general contract for you.
  • A 5% discount* on other services is provided to customers enrolled in our Power Plan year-round.

*Discounts are limited to $200 and do not apply to monthly plans or rental accommodations.

Billing & Payments

  • Savary Solutions emails invoices via online accounting.
  • Save our email address in your address book.
  • We attempt to invoice prior to leaving your property.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt.
  • Overdue payments may be charged 5% of the outstanding balance monthly.
  • Your prompt payment via interac e-transfer, direct deposit or cheque is appreciated.
  • Cheques are payable to Savary Solutions Inc., and must be post-dated for monthly plans.
  • Contact administration for Direct Deposits & Bank Transfers.
  • Due to high fees, credit card payments are not cost effective for this business.

Monthly Plans

  • We copy keys mutually deemed necessary to fulfill the obligations of the Security Plan.
  • Interior checks are discretionary unless otherwise directed.
  • Cell phone numbers are required for Photo/text confirmations.
  • Storm checks are discretionary, based on relative storm severity, wind direction, and time of year, i.e. typically after November, most forest debris has already been blown down so 50 kph winds thereafter are less likely to create issues on your property.
  • Solar maintenance in excess of 30 minutes is billed out at our discretion.
  • Distilled Water* should be provided in sufficient amounts or it will be supplied at a premium.

*Distilled water is lower in total dissolved solids and conducts electricity while Deionized water does not.

Plan Features

Security Plan Includes:

  • Bi-monthly checks for weather & human related disturbances
  • Unlimited storm checks
  • Photo/text confirmations

Power Plan Includes: 

  • Security Plan
  • Free binder for specific gravity (SG) log sheets, maintenance history & manuals.
  • 30 minutes of Solar maintenance to log SGs, voltages & adjust charge parameters.
  • Maintaining a supply of stabilized fuel to run generators.


  • Savary Solutions does not accept liability for plumbing damage due to freezing.
  • We mitigate the potential by opening all faucets, taps, hose bibs & drains starting from the highest down to the lowest point, and leave them all open so that fluctuating temperatures can expel residual pockets of water unimpeded.
  • You must send an email with the subject noted as “winterize” and requesting us to winterize your cabin.

Soft Opening

Soft Openings are our attempt to address items before the busy season so we can maintain reliable service throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to inform us of your arrival date as soon as possible.

  • We close all faucets, taps, hose bibs & drains prior to pressurizing the water system.
  • We light your propane appliances and check that the pilots and burners are running in optimal condition.
  • Generator and solar system check


Developing a sandpoint is unpredictable by nature.

  • A deposit is required prior to commencing work on sandpoint development.
  • Savary Solutions is not liable for a dry well.
  • The Owner takes on the financial risk of a non-producing “dry” sandpoint.

Power washing

  • Requires a water system capable of producing 4 gallons/minute.

Equipment Rentals

  • Based on local city rates & availability

Cabin cleaning

  • Confirm your arrival date well ahead of time.
  • We operate on a first come first served basis.
  • Unless otherwise specified, standard cleaning protocol includes:
    • Sweeping
    • Wet mopping
    • Wiping/dusting flat surfaces
    • Cleaning bathroom


1265 Vancouver Blvd
Savary Island

PO box 60
Lund, BC
V0N 2G0

9AM-5PM: 604 483 6627
5PM-7PM: 604 483 4447